Experts estimate that our impressions of others in face-to-face contact are created by:
Learn the art of Impression Management:  presenting yourself in a way that shows others who you are and what you can do!

ACCENT MODIFICATION (for foreign or regional accents that get in the way of communicating).  Work with a VoiceScape trainer to smooth out key sounds...and still sound like yourself!

VOCAL IMAGE ENHANCEMENT Work with a VoiceScape trainer to put your best voice forward using pitch variety, pace, diction, and breath support!

PRESENTATION SKILLS   Work with a VoiceScape trainer to help you come out of your shell...and experience the excitement of performing!  Learn techniques in gesturing, effective postures, physical relaxation, channeling nervous energy, using visual aids, and more!



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Sessions are right at your workplace, or at one of our Lincoln Avenue training centers. Each session is75 minutes, and can be scheduled during the day or early evening.
You get all the attention--no classmates will divide your instructor's energies.
Just bring your voice, body, and an open mind---we'll supply the rest!

Our consultants are ready to give you business image coaching one-on-one

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