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Whether you're performing in front of a sold-out auditorium crowd or presenting to six execs in a conference room, the fundamental skills are the same.  Our staff of theatre professionals understands the challenges of "putting yourself out there" to deliver a message.  We share time-honored performance techniques with you that will help turn your business presentations into works of art. 
Let us share the tricks of our trade to help you deliver relaxed, confident, polished, energized and effective presentations.  VoiceScape training can help you feel comfortable taking center stage in your meetings, pitches, interviews, speeches, media appearances and more.

Let us help you go from Page to Stage!

Make your material dynamic and alive to your listeners by finding your signature style with our training modules in:
Voice:  How to project your sound, articulate your words, and find the most pleasing pitches

Nonverbal Communication: Effective postures and gestures, eye contact, relaxation tips

On Camera: Learning how the audience sees you, through videotaping and feedback from a VoiceScape trainer

Intention: Enhancing your text and connecting to your audience with an emotional agenda

Props: How to incorporate microphone use, visual aids, ear prompter, and Power Point displays; setting up your stage

Dealing with Pre-show Jitters:  How to let your nervous energy work for you; memorization and rehearsal tips
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