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Voice-to-voice contact, from basic phone conversations to voicemail to teleconferencing, is a primary mode of business communication in today's business climate.  Our vocal images create an immediate impression on a future client, employer or important business contact.

...that within the first 10 seconds of hearing your voice, your listener   has already made at least 5 judgments about you?

Research shows that we all have a tendency to make snap judgments about people and their ability to do their jobs just based on the way their voices sound to us.
VoiceScape offers customized training solutions to communication challenges.  Using dynamic exercises, games, practice drills, audiotaping, and our unique workbook, VoiceScape helps business professionals become aware of their
natural sound
, and then guides them to make simple adjustments for maximum impact on listeners.  Our skillbuilding sessions are highly participatory, and the results are longlasting.
Vocal Image Training will change the way your business sounds.  Our training packages can be customized to your worksite, and are ideal for
call centers, workgroups, frontline personnel, and customer service representatives.

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  Vocal Image Training "graduates" can look forward to:

   Raising their standard of professionalism in vocal performance

    Balancing efficient call times with attentive customer care
    Avoiding a bored or unfriendly tone, even on difficult days

    Increasing confidence in call-handling

    Using vocal techniques to diffuse irate callers

    Making repeated texts sound more authentic, including branding

    Quoting dollar amounts and figures with precision and confidence

    Defining and practice courtesy language

    Developing tools for stress management and reduction of overall tension

   Increasing customer commendations while reducing complaints


"Live contact will never be replaced by a machine...Customers want answers now, if not sooner, and from a human being."
               ---- Jim Sterne, Business2.com,                                December 12, 2000
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